Sticking up for yourself

We often feel offended, undermined, belittled, disrespected by other people. There is a wonderful technique to help us to stick up for ourselves. It works like this: when we are offended or feel someone has disrespected us and we take it, and suppress our reaction, and come away feeling small, we have not honoured ourselves. When we feel in this way, whether its something someone has said, or a look someone gave us, its our reaction, its how we deal with it that makes the difference. ┬áThe way to practice is to reimagine the feeling you have of feeling that you have been undermined. So you can bring up any instance how ever long ago when you had that feeling. Practicing In this way we get used to the feeling of being offended. it becomes something we do not react to, and when we don’t react we are able to respond in a way we are comfortable with. You can reimagine for a moment or for many minutes, whatever and whenever is possible, and allow the feeling of discomfort, until it doesn’t effect us any more. Then you will find that the next time you are prepared.


One thought on “Sticking up for yourself

  • Don’t agree with this at all. You can’t get used to it. You will always want to have a parity for people at your level. If its the boss its different as they hold the power, there is a power shift. If you say nothing you will continue to feel undermined. Its not easy to deal with. Maybe, don’t let it turn you into a fire ball, but ask a question or have a standard statement on the ready to buy time. I have changed my strategy on this and now I can manage these situations better.

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