Going round in circles

Through the ages there have been a few people who have tried to help humanity. One of those people was called Gurdjieff who lived between 1880 and 1948. He is attributed as the first person who brought eastern meditation to the west. He developed a whole system to help transform Western man who wasn’t versed in the language of energy and meditation and being that an Eastern man is. He explained that everything in the universe is created and maintained by two laws, the law of 7 and the law of 3. He said that man too is subject to these two laws. The law of 7 is the octave do re mi sol fa la si do. Between the notes rmi and sol and then between la and si there is an interval. So if you have a project or a goal then there are two places where the project could get stuck because it meets the interval. And that at that interval a super effort is needed to get to the next note to complete the project. So the take away here is that it is law conformable to be stuck, but that if we make an extra effort when we feel stuck then we might be able to jump the interval, otherwise we go back to the beginning. My ¬†question to you is “what do you understand by ‘effort’? A force of will? Or a surrender? Maybe either or both?”

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