The body , the body , the body

The awareness of the body is the key. Ordinarily we have ignored our body. We pay attention to our thoughts and feelings but not the body. The body is both our achilles heel and our treasure trove. Right now the body is our achilles heel. We have no idea just how much tension we constantly have in the body. How many muscles we use that we don’t need to at every moment. This has immense implications for our lives. A tense body burns our energy, it makes the body work hard, it affects our organs and therefore our health. A tense body affects our mood. It affects our thoughts. A tense body will therefore affect how we communicate, how we perform, how we feel about ourselves. Essentially it rules how we are. By paying attention to the state of tension in our body we will realise these facts. Simply being aware of the body will reduce our tension and we will see how much better we can feel when we are relaxed. Relaxation happens through simply being aware of ┬ábody sensation, anytime anywhere.

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