We can only transform right now in this moment. In fact we can’t even do that because the effort of transformation will mean that the moment is lost. Transformation will only happen when we accept ourselves as we are. We go around chasing this that and the other, but this is only an escape. Transformation[…]

Sticking up for yourself

We often feel offended, undermined, belittled, disrespected by other people. There is a wonderful technique to help us to stick up for ourselves. It works like this: when we are offended or feel someone has disrespected us and we take it, and suppress our reaction, and come away feeling small, we have not honoured ourselves.[…]


Meditation is allowing everything to be as it is without imposing or thinking we need to be in a certain way. When we allow ourselves to be as we are, we will sooner or later relax, and then it may be that we spontaneously sit still, close our eyes and experience a sense of tranquility. It’s[…]

Relax Your Head

One technique for calming the mind involves attending to the muscles in the head. Our numerous facial and scalp muscles can become extremely tense without our being aware of it. If we focus on the state of tension or relaxation of these muscles, we can achieve greater calmness of the mind.


Instead of trying to escape from unhappiness, to make it go away, we might try to embrace the feeling of unhappiness, to make an effort to experience the unhappiness, stay with it, and not try get rid of it. Why should we do this? Often our unhappiness gets worse when we react to it because[…]