May 13, 2015

About Me

The more relaxed we are the more we can receive and the more intelligent we find ourselves. We all have a level of intelligence far greater than most of us would imagine. This intelligence is naturally present when we are relaxed . Working as an Osteopath I began to see this for myself. if I was relaxed as the osteopath I could feel much more what was happening in the patient, and there seemed to be a natural intelligence arising from the relaxation that was able to respond to what was needed for the patient. My body ‘knew ‘ intuitively what to do. The path to relaxation was through awareness of myself while with the patient. Relaxation followed awareness of my own tensions from moment to moment. Then as I practiced more as an osteopath I realised that many patients could not be helped even with the finest of touches, what was need was a psychological approach. The stuckness in the body of the patient could in many cases only be released through the patient themselves becoming aware of their own tension patterns. The tensions were too fine for the medium of touch from another to help. What helped was the ‘psychological touch’ of the patient being aware of their own tension patterns. Hence the development of my practice to Mindfulness Coaching. But it’s not just those in physical pain that can benefit from this ‘psychological ┬átouch’, in fact we all possess far more tension than we need to, we all have habitual patterns of tensions that affect every aspect of our lives. Becoming aware of our tension patterns can help us to perform better, to be more healthy, to lead a happier life.

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